Pregnancy Yoga

I am currently not teaching any pregnancy yoga classes but am available for daytime 1:1 or small group classes. Please enquire if interested.

I loved you the minute I heard you were coming.

I loved you the minute you were born;

Then I saw your face and fell in love some more.

You were only a minute old, but I knew I would die for you and to this day I still would.

When you choose to have a child, you make a conscious decision to allow your heart to walk around outside of your body.

Being pregnant is a very special time of life...and what better way to celebrate and enjoy the changes to your body by practising some lovely gentle yoga. During a pregnancy yoga class you will connect with your baby and with yourself on several different levels:

gentle, graceful and elegant movements

deep breathing exercises - you are after all now breathing for two!!

your voice - some simple chants to connect with your baby

deep relaxation - take some time to rest deeply

Pregnancy yoga classes are taught subject to demand. A new class can be set up anywhere in East Lothian, I just need a minimum of 6 people. Do get in touch whether you are enquiring on behalf of yourself or for yourself and a group of friends. See the Yoga Classes page for times and locations. Private yoga classes for pregnancy are also available, in the comfort of your own home. If you have some friends who are interested in a pregnancy yoga class I could teach a group in your home. I have a lot of daytime availability so over to you!

Pregnancy yoga classes are suitable for all, no prior experience of yoga necessary. You can start whenever you like however it is ideal that you start at or after 12 weeks. If you really wish to start pregnancy yoga classes earlier than that please seek advice from your medical advisor. Pregnancy yoga focuses on breathing and relaxing and gently stretches. It is not a sweaty jump-around type class!

Classes are purchased as a block of approximately 6 and paid for in advance. On occasion there may be the opportunity to do a drop-in class, please ask, usually for ladies after 35 weeks.

What to bring to class? You will need a yoga mat and two blankets / large towels or a blanket and a cushion, anything you don't mind putting on the floor. The blankets are to use as extra padding during relaxation and when kneeling on the floor. I provide bolsters. If you don't have a yoga mat I usually have a few spare, just let me know. We practice in bare feet usually but I would recommend bringing a warm pair of socks and wearing warm clothes that you can easily stretch in, layers are good!

Any queries at all, please send an e-mail or phone, see the 'Contacts' page.

How to turn a breech baby

I know, it's not on the birth plan but sometimes it just happens; finding out your baby is in a breech position a few weeks before the birth. It really is not the end of the world and can usually be easily and gently turned without intervention. This is a youtube clip which explains nicely how to turn your baby. It also demonstrates the use of moxa sticks, an acupuncture remedy, although I would recommend visiting an acupuncturist for this so they can show you what to do. One visit should be sufficient. Good luck!