From 1st October 2020 unlisted YouTube pre recorded yoga videos will be available to purchase on a subscription basis. There is a choice of Hatha Yoga or Mindful Yoga & Relaxation. Chair Yoga is no longer offered but it can be again if there is enough demand.

Process for subscribing

  1. Subscriptions are for the calendar month. Once you receive them you will have the whole calendar month to watch them multiple times if you want to.

  2. Pay online for either 2 videos @ £15 or 4 for £28. Use either the PayPal buttons below or pay into my bank account - ask me for the details if you don't have them.

  3. Tell me by email ( (it's an underscore between my first and second names) that you have paid and let me know which videos you would like from the choice of:

a. Hatha Yoga

b. Mindful Yoga & Relaxation

It can be a combination. Just tell me what you want.

  1. I will send you an email with the links to the videos you have asked for. Keep this email as this is how you will access your videos. I commit to sending these videos within 72 hours of your email to me with the requested videos. It should be a lot quicker than that however but I can't guarantee it.

  2. At the end of the calendar month these links will be unlisted and you will no longer have access.

  3. Repeat process to gain access to the next month's videos.

  4. Questions??? Problems?? Just ask!