Nicola Bourke

Yoga4Health - a yoga programme designed for and with the NHS to support people with stress, anxiety and depression. Also for those at risk of Type 2 Diabetes and those who want to improve their heart health.


We are not just our physical bodies; we are also our minds, thoughts and emotions.

Yoga has long been associated with holistic wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional. I am now teaching live online yoga classes on Zoom that are evidence based and designed specifically for attendees working to reduce mild or moderate stress, anxiety and / or depression.

Some key facts

  • blocks of ten group classes, held weekly

  • each class two hours long

  • all classes held live and online using Zoom

  • no prior yoga experience necessary, suitable for absolute beginners.

  • classes include a weekly theme, breathing practices, about 70 minutes of movement and relaxation. The most important elements are the breathing and relaxation practices so it does not matter if you can't touch your toes.

  • chair options and lying / standing options are available

  • homework is part of the programme, to support the work we do in class and build a home practice as a long term wellbeing strategy.

  • homework is supported with a manual, YouTube videos and online videos for every week of the course.

  • Cost = £150 for the ten week course, includes the manual. Concession places available at £100. Some free places may be available to people who live in East Lothian. Please enquire.

  • You can self refer to these yoga classes. (North Berwick Health Centre is also referring patients; you can ask for a referral if you are a patient there.)

  • - see website for more information.

  • This programme is also proven to support people at risk of Type 2 Diabetes and people who want to improve their heart health and studies have also shown it to reduce waist circumference by 14cm - although this was not an intended aim of the course.

  • Please direct all enquiries and self referrals to me - / / 07766 174462

Next course dates, now takings names for these:

  • October 2021 - weekday daytime classes - please register interest

  • Other days / times may be available, let me know if a different time suits and if I get enough people then I will run at a mutually convenient time.

I would be delighted to answer your questions; do get in touch for more information or to book into one of these courses.

It's a great step in your wellbeing journey and I look forward to teaching you tools and techniques that will support you for life.

Nicola 07766 174462 /

"Thank you very much for offering this opportunity for me. It was good to have things in my schedule, especially during the lockdown. And it also lead to other healthier choices and AWARENESS. As you said, awareness is huge. And I somehow believe that I am a bit more 'in charge' of my body."

"I have really appreciated the class so much. It has helped me to focus and has given me structure and a centred feeling of much more calmness. I hope to continue.. "

"I feel better after the classes .."

"I thoroughly enjoyed class and felt that it benefitted me greatly. My mental health has improved. Anxiety levels are easier to cope with due to breathing exercises. My back feels easier and generally body feels much better.

Cannot thank you enough. "

"Thank you so much for the last 10 weeks of Yoga. Although I struggled to come every week and keep up with all of the homework I feel I got a lot of benefit from attending, from a feeling of connectedness to a general feeling of improved health and positivity about engaging in other exercise. "

"Many thanks for the brilliant course and you have definitely got me back onto my yoga mat, thank you. "

"...just want to say thank you again for the wonderful opportunity, it made a mad time, much easier to deal with and I feel more physically positive than I have in a long time! "

"Thank you again for running this course. I meant everything I said at the end of the class and more. It has been really, really wonderful. I admit that I also actually like the online format in many ways. "