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Yoga with Nicola Bourke

I started to attend yoga classes in the 1980’s. I soon realised this was a mode of exercise suited to my way of life. It combined gentle exercise with a philosophy which appealed to me in my highly stressed working life. As my work and responsibility progressed in this, I found it to be easier to tap into the elements that allowed me to ‘take a breather’, to remember my posture – especially when sitting - and to allow my mind to calm down when many people wanted to convince me at the same time that their problem should be my priority!

I was told when I started that I would find one yoga teacher who would be THE one for me. Indeed, my first teacher was very special and I enjoyed learning from her, albeit briefly. The intervening years have allowed me to practise yoga to varying degrees but I have not strongly felt a positive connection with my teacher. Most recently, I met Nicola Bourke and I find she exactly meets the criteria of the teacher I would want now.

Nicola is a highly professional communicator and demonstrator of yoga. She combines perfectly the practice and the philosophy of yoga. She embeds the physical activity with a full description of its effects and benefits, whilst still embedding that in the ancient beliefs and theories upon which the yoga is founded. Importantly for myself, I feel she is conscious of each participant and is ready to support or modify any activity which might be too strenuous – e.g. for myself, well advanced in my 70s!!

For me, I think I have found that one elusive yoga teacher and practitioner I previously described and I do hope I shall be able to continue to learn from Nicola. I also hope many others have the pleasure and benefit of being taught by her.

Elizabeth Forrest, Dunbar.


I would be happy for you to use a testimonial from me.

I definitely have felt anchored by your gentle yoga teaching over the past year.

Not only do you help with movements to strengthen the core and suggestions for specific physical concerns, but the relaxation and meditation help to strengthen my psyche and mental balance.

You have a wonderful approach to yoga nidra with a supportive voice which can deeply affect and allow the sankalpa to affirm positivity in my life.

In 40 years of exploring yoga I have rarely experienced any teacher with such a profound effect through meditation.

JM, North Berwick


"Many thanks - I have loved your classes." Athelstaneford class attendee. 2016

"Thank you for your expert tuition, it has been life changing for me!" Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs class attendee, North Berwick. 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and so did my back!" Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs class attendee, North Berwick. 2016

"Thanks for today's class, Nicola! It was a brilliant stretch for chest and back - I feel so much straighter yet supple, & it felt so well put together to achieve that progression within the class." Hatha Yoga class attendee, Dunbar 2017