Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

'YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’

Do you want to improve the comfort of your back and reduce stress?

Researched at The University of York and funded by Arthritis Research UK.

Evidence-Based Quality Yoga Programme.

Specialised, small group, weekly classes taught over 12-week course

Motivate and teach you to improve your health for the long-term.

Simple, gentle and effective.

Gentle * Effective * Enjoyable

Quality * Small Group Classes

Unique * Specific * Individualised

Beginner-Friendly * Cost-Effective

Teaches and Motivates

As seen on TV!



These classes are progressive and drop-in is not available

Please request the information sheet for this class. Lots of additional information there. Thank you. (underscore between my two names)

Classes on hold until in person groups can resume

Feedback from previous attendees:

"..It's been a fantastic help ....I'm doing the exercises most days at the moment as my back flared up again when I stopped over Easter and they have quickly brought it under control again. Thank you for teaching me the tools to manage a problem I have struggled with for years." Attendee Intake 8

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel better equipped to deal with any back issue I may have in the future, so thank you for that." Attendee Intake 7

"Thank you for your expert tuition, it has been life changing for me!" Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs class attendee, North Berwick. 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and so did my back!" Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs class attendee, North Berwick. 2016